Josh and Ryan Flip Bareback Fuck

Josh Crew wastes no time taking Ryan Edwards’ cock out of his pants to suck, until he has that big stiff dick throbbing. When Josh takes it deep in his ass he doesn’t even have to touch himself to start oozing cum. Ryan wants some raw bone of his own, so on top, Josh makes full use of his sturdy banana cock, feeding it all to Ryan’s hungry ass. Josh barebacks deep and feverishly as his cum spews in and out of Ryan. Feeling the warm cum ozzing from his hole is more than Ryan can take and he unleashes a torrent of jizz.

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Luke Harrington Fucks Shay Michaels

Shay Micheals hasn’t bottom in a while, when he offers up his bubble butt to Luke Harrington. But when he unzips Luke’s pants and sees his 9 inch monster fall out Shay starts to have second thoughts. After teasing Shay’s with his tongue and finger, Luke slides his fuck monster meat into that hole. Shay is extremely tight but finally lets it in and takes it all like a good bottom should.

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Young Peter Jack Jerks Off

Cute 23 year old Peter Jack works out four times a week, at the gym, and rides in BMX competitions to keep his sexy physique. Now we get to watch him strip naked and stroke out his warm cum load.

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Young Darrell Cums In A Glass

At his computer, Darrell works his cock through his pants, before pulling it out. While watching some porn, he strokes with determination. After a while he grabs a wine glass and dumps his warm cum into it.

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Brad and Alfonso Bareback

Brad is working on the car, but Alfonso wants to fuck, and his big uncut dick is too much to ignore. We jump to the bedroom, where Brad gets those pants down and his lips wrapped around Alfonso’s already hard cock. Soon the skinny boys are naked and Alfonso is fingering and rimming the ass of his bottom boy. That tiny bed gets quite a workout, as these young Latinos bareback all over it. By the time we leave them, Brad has both cum loads on his smooth belly and chest.

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Straight Boy Leo Beats His Meat

Leo McArthur has been wanting to stroke his cock all day, and he finally has the chance to kick back and really enjoy himself. Leo teases us as he strips and plays with his bulge in his underwear, then his straight boy cock is out for some fun. Enjoy, as this young straight boy beats his meat and shoots his cum load.

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Double Penetrating Young Troy

Adam and Jaison are naked in the Jacuzzi, and fooling around, while their buddy Troy sleeps. The two decide three is a charm, so they wake him, strip him out of his clothes and carry him to the tub. What follows is a hot oral exchange, with some ass rimming in the mix. Then Adam and Jaison double penetration Troy, and he is not quiet while taking their big hard dicks.

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Spencer Fucks Brandon Beal

In this scene, Brandon Beal’s sexy ass gets opened up by Spencer Todd’s cock. Once the redhead gets his meat in that sweet man hole, the strokes are balls deep. Brandon holds on and takes the ass pounding. At the end, Spencer’s load coats Brandon’s butt cheeks.

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Hairy Massage Table Fuck

As soon as blond Brent takes the bottle of massage oil from the shelf, hairy and muscular stud Michel is already hard on the table, slowly moving his briefs lower as Brent works his hands all over his tight torso and coarse hair. As soon as they are off, Michel is counting down until he turns over and shows his rock hard cock, deftly stroked by the expert masseur. Needing no instruction, Brent takes the hint and the happy ending is just about to begin. Sucking on his dick and ready to work the slick slab of meat into that ass, Michel’s muscles are back to being tight by the end of this table top fuck that leaves Brent’s body more relaxed than ever

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Chuy Rough Fucks Elmo

Big Latino Chuy enjoys it rough with the boys and this time he has little Elmo in his grasp. Chuy manhandles the young Latino, as he strips him naked and pins him face down on the bed. A little ass slapping accompanies a long rim job, before Elmo is told to suck Chuy’s fat uncut dick. With Elmo face down again, Chuy pushes his hard cock into the boy’s ass and fucks him bareback. We enjoy some amazing close-ups of the anal action, as Elmo takes that big raw Latin meat deep. Chuy fucks his Latin bottom boy in several positions, before deciding it’s time to pump out some warm cum loads.

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Zach and Aiden Suck Dick

Zachary invites over his friend Aiden over for some oral fun. These two friends make for one hot cock sucking session, with a cum pumping finish.

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Zack Beats His Meat

Instead of preparing for his police academy exam, Zack is streaming a porn flick on his computer. When Vinnie turns on the camera, he pulls out his growing cock, strips out of his clothes and gets down to business. Passing his boner from hand to hand, Zack strokes his slicked up cock, as screams come from the digital whore on the monitor. Feeling his load nearing the finish line, Zack stands up, clenches his ass and pumps his cum load out all over the desktop.

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Johny Cruz Jacks Off

Slowly peeling off the spandex to show is his ripped young body, Johny Cruz works his hands down to his growing bulge. Pulling out his large uncut cock, he gives us a close-up look. Sliding his fingers into his hole isn’t enough and out comes his trusty dildo. Bouncing on it, Johny shoots his load and gets dressed.

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Servicing Bi Boy Ben

There is no question Ben is one of Auntie Bob’s favorite boys. He’s got an amazing body, big cock, and great personality. On top of that, he enjoys fucking girls as much as he does boys. This guy is the complete package and in this scene there isn’t much of him that Auntie Bob doesn’t lick, suck, bite, or blow.

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Troy Jerks Off

Troy has a rugged, hairy and manly body. He also sports a nice dick and shoots a big warm load of cum. All of this is attached to an arrogant, demanding, brain dead asshole. Sometimes we have to take the good with the bad, but only in small doses!

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