Zack Beats His Meat

Instead of preparing for his police academy exam, Zack is streaming a porn flick on his computer. When Vinnie turns on the camera, he pulls out his growing cock, strips out of his clothes and gets down to business. Passing his boner from hand to hand, Zack strokes his slicked up cock, as screams come from the digital whore on the monitor. Feeling his load nearing the finish line, Zack stands up, clenches his ass and pumps his cum load out all over the desktop.

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Johny Cruz Jacks Off

Slowly peeling off the spandex to show is his ripped young body, Johny Cruz works his hands down to his growing bulge. Pulling out his large uncut cock, he gives us a close-up look. Sliding his fingers into his hole isn’t enough and out comes his trusty dildo. Bouncing on it, Johny shoots his load and gets dressed.

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Servicing Bi Boy Ben

There is no question Ben is one of Auntie Bob’s favorite boys. He’s got an amazing body, big cock, and great personality. On top of that, he enjoys fucking girls as much as he does boys. This guy is the complete package and in this scene there isn’t much of him that Auntie Bob doesn’t lick, suck, bite, or blow.

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Troy Jerks Off

Troy has a rugged, hairy and manly body. He also sports a nice dick and shoots a big warm load of cum. All of this is attached to an arrogant, demanding, brain dead asshole. Sometimes we have to take the good with the bad, but only in small doses!

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Young Adam Fucks Dylan Drive

New guy Adam Bryant takes Dylan Drive, who is more than ready to receive that cock. Watch these two college boys go at it in this sexy fuck scene.

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Daniel Johnson Fucks Luke Tyler

Daniel Johnson is back to share that 8 inch uncut cock once again, and he has hooked up with Luke Tyler. With some sucking and face fucking, Daniel is ready to use that ass and make Luke cum, and he does exactly that, ramming Luke’s behind all over the bed and dumping a cum load on him. Then Luke finishes off with one of his own impressive climaxes.

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Gay Latin Ass Fuckers

Mario Perez lets Joao DA Luz fuck his face. Joao knows a lush ass when he sees it and runs his tongue all up and down Mario’s fur-lined crack, lubing it for the fucking that will follow. Joao fucks the Latino in a few positions, almost gingerly at first, before delivering a hard missionary ass pounding.

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Byron Beats Off

Here’s a second shoot with Byron. He’s a little older and a bit heavier, but still as sexy as a mature man can get. That fur covered body, big uncut dick and a super nice personality, make for a night worth remembering.

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The Ultimate Exhibitionist Test

The Ultimate Exhibitionist Test

When Ben first met 21 year old Ryan Kai he gave him the ultimate exhibitionist test. How would he do getting naked on the roof, in the middle of the city? Well, it turns out that it was no problem for the Japanese hottie at all. They had been taking a whole lot of photos in the building’s stairwell, before Ben suggested he pop out on to the roof wearing just his underwear and trainers. In fact, Ryan was getting pretty turned on by this. He got hard as soon as he dropped his pants for some quick naked shots.

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Straight Dakota Beats Off

Straight skater boy Dakota is alone and horny. He pulls out his dick and has a boner in no time. He pulls off his shirt and kneels on some pillows. With two magazines spread on the floor, the young straight boy starts stroking. We get a nice shot of his hairy butt as he works his hard cock with determination. Dakota uses his colorful bracelet as a cock ring. This obviously works well for him, because soon he’s ready to cum. When he does, it lands on one of the magazines, which he quickly licks clean.

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Frankie Fucks Mickey Taylor

Frankie Fucks Mickey Taylor

After exchanging long and sensual blowjobs and rim jobs, Frankie is ready to give Mickey a proper fucking. He pounds his young ass hard, from the front and from behind, before Mickey finally gets on top and shoots his cum load, while riding Frankie’s hard cock. A short while later Frankie pumps out his load all over Mickey’s face, and Mickey can’t stop smiling.


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Hidden Cam Glory Hole Blowjob

With a hidden camera in place, Auntie Bob cruises his favorite public toilet and eventually gets a taker. The stranger fucks his face, through the glory hole, and shoots his cum load all over Auntie Bob’s face.

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Latin Twink Bareback Lust Fuck

There’s no passion between Latin twinks Lorenzo and Lucho, just raw lust. They strip each other naked and go down on their big uncut cocks. After a little ass rimming, to get bottom boy ready, the boys quickly transition to a full on bareback fuck session. The two young Latinos are all about getting what they want from each other, including the taste of freshly pumped cum on their lips.

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Twink Threesome Suck Off

Adam Gavin, and Jaison have the weekend to themselves and are spending it at Adam’s lake house. After swimming, the boys get horny and Gavin gets things started. He takes turns sucking on his friends’ cock, swallowing them deep into his throat. After some intense dick sucking, Adam and Jaison go down on Gavin and pleasure him for a while. The young trio end up jacking off together and shoot their cum loads onto Gavin’s shirt.

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Beating Off Mickey Taylor

From the very beginning inked bad boy Mickey Taylor is on the edge, his raging cock red and sensitive right from the start of his welcomed handjob. A master edger works that dick, while Mickey writhes in pleasure. Mickey gets taken right to the edge and risks shooting early, but he gets denied, over and over, until he’s finally allowed to cum.

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