Orgy on the Sofa

The luckiest couch in the world is the stage for a six boy sex orgy. The sexy group includes both blonds and brunettes, all with big dicks and smooth bodies. The horny boys suck cock, lick ass and fucking their way to a cum filled finish.



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Amateur Cock Sucker

Amateur Cock Sucker

Auntie Bob met 24 year old Mario on the Internet and it wasn’t long before this Latino was on his knees giving him head. Auntie Bob shot the first half of this scene looking down at Mario, as he’s sucking him off. It’s obvious he loves sucking dick, and Auntie Bob reports Mario gives a hell of a BJ. After Mario gets Auntie Bob off, he strokes his cock and blows a major cum load all over himself.

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Rudy Barebacks Connor

Rudy Bodlak and Conner Levy take turns sucking each other. Soon, however, the dark haired, tattooed beauty is giving the slender twink an ass rimming. The two then explore a bit more cock sucking in a 69 that leaves Connor ready for a thick and raw piece of meat up his ass. Rudy goes to town all over the slender twink, stuffing him full of cock. Eventually, Connor blows his cum load. After getting the jizz fucked out of him, he eagerly takes a mouthful from his handsome bareback fucker.

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Lui and Ivo Fuck

Neither Ivo Costa nor Lui Devine have done porn before and this is their audition. The chemistry is right from the start and these guys are hard within seconds of starting the scene. Its a hot first time fuck on camera!

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Bryan Fucks Alex

College boys Bryan Cavallo and Alex Maxim are horny and more than ready for a little fucking and sucking. Watch as Bryan fills Alex’s perfect ass with his big cock, after some hot dick sucking action.

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Connor Maguire Fucks Levi Karter

Connor Maguire Fucks Levi Karter

It was a beautiful summer day here in New York where Conner and Levi were anxious to meet each other and make a few memories. Connor is the type of guy that usually goes for smaller guys so Levi was just perfect for him. The sun was shining bright on these two as they went canoing and romancing by the lake. It was only natural that at one point Connor’s skimpy shorts came off and Levi embarked upon a journey that would once again re-affirm his status as a power bottom. Connor is gentle at first and makes sure Levi can take it by first rimming his ass. Then Levi is up in the air, bouncing up and down on Connor’s massive cock. Unable to hold it any longer, Levi shoots his load all over his chest. This gets Connor even more excited, so he starts drilling Levi harder than before, until he shoots his load all over Levi.


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Marco Pirelli Fucks Skippy Baxter

Marco Pirelli Fucks Skippy Baxter

Marco Pirelli and Skippy Baxter couldn’t wait to get it on, as Ben made them pose together during the photo shoot. Skippy was grabbing at Marco’s fat uncut dick the entire time. Eventually both muscular guys get naked and hard, just waiting for Ben to finish taking their photos. The boys look great as they strip out of their tight shirts and begin kissing. In this video Marco lubes up that big dick and slides ride inside Skippy’s waiting hole. And Marco is determined to give it to his horny mate from every angle possible. Ben made sure he captured every bit of this hot action. The boys ended up in a sweaty cum covered mess, as Ben asks them to pose for one last photo when they had exhausted themselves.

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Sling Fucking Nathan

With Nathan Gear chained to the bed, leathered up and rock hard, Rich Kelly has got exactly what he wants. Slowing ripping off his suit, hairy man Rich exposes himself, already harnessed and decked in leather. He gets working on his boy immediately, licking his ass and sucking on that stiff dick. Nathan is there to do his masters will. Rich plays with that hole, until it’s ready for his dick, which is pounded incessantly into him after 3 finger fucking back and forth. Leaving his boy totally used, Rich is jerked off by Nathan just before throwing his cash at him and leaving, the smell of sweat, spunk and leather lingering in the air.

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Carlo Cox Fucks Luca Falcini

Gay business men, Carlo Cox and Luca Falcini pass the time stripping off their suits and sucking and fingering their way around one another, before Carlo pounds away, in a frenzy, on Lucas’ willing ass. Both hunky men are well defined and Carlo has the sexiest hairy chest and stomach around.

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The Deacon Does Ben Cox

Ben Cox is be called into the Deacon’s office. After a quick talk with his newest recruit, Dolan Wolf gives Ben the opportunity to take the choir leadership and make it his own. In the grip of the Deacon, there’s only one answer to give, and that’s yes sir. Leaning in, Dolan kisses Ben on the neck and a hot fuck is about to come. Almost mirroring what the Deacon has done with all his boys, Ben is taken to the sofa, shown a nice curved dick and muscled hairy body. Ben is completely under Dolan’s spell and enjoys every sordid second. Ben’s own large dick pumps hard and soon explodes.

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Just a Warming

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A hot group sex scene where two boys give it up to the cops, in hopes they will not have to spend any time in jail.,

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Daniel James Fucks Adam Watson

Adam Watson is the tanned and inked hottie. This versatile stud loves big dicks and Daniel James is here to give it to him. The shared sucking and face fucking these two enjoy is almost enough to have them on the edge. They manage to hold off for a great fucking session, with Daniel owning Adam’s ass. First on his back, then doggie, before Adam gets on top and takes a ride. His cum erupts from the pleasure of that big cock up his ass. Then he takes Daniel’s in the face.

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Cruising For Sex

From his balcony, bodybuilder Robin Sanchez strokes his cock and cruises the street below. Down on the street, Damien Crosse catches a glimpse of the masturbating hunk. Robin signals Damien to come up and join him. What follows is an exquisite public exchange of oral talents, on the balcony. Then Damien gives Robin quite the ass pounding, before shooting their cum in each other’s mouth.

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Servicing Straight Boy Ian

Ian Madrox is in the bathroom when Tyler Bolt arrives to service him. He’s a straight guy but he knows how good a guy sucks cock, and Tyler definitely wants that dick. After some great foot worship by the boy he sucks on Ian’s dick, gets a cum load in his mouth and dribbles the mess out on his own foot before licking up.

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Geoffrey Paine Fucks Tony Axel

Tony’s ass is very much the center of attention, as Geoff rims it deep, pushing his hairy face into the handsome French’s ass. With both dicks rock hard, Geoff is eager to pound Tony’s ass. Geoff’s huge dick slides deep into Tony, thrusting mercilessly. Pulling out mid-thrust, Geoff shoot his load on Tony, with Tony adding even more of his own to the mix.

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